NAVI are the champions of DreamHack Masters Spring 2021!

The grand final turned out to be not exactly what CS: GO fans expected to see. Gambit Esports, leading the world ranking, were unable to take a single card from Natus Vincere.

The fight began on Overpass. There, NAVI began to play defense and won 10 rounds in the first half, and after the transition they lost to their opponents only a couple of rounds and won on this map. Then the teams moved on to Dust 2 and there the fight was already much more interesting. Natus Vincere started playing for the attacking side and showed an incredible performance, in connection with which they finished the first half with a score of 12-3. After the transition, the duel to Dust 2 became very tense and Gambit Esports began to come along, however, they could not bring their plans to the end and ended the fight with a score of 12-16. The last map was Train. There, Gambit Esports fans watched with gusto as their favorites made a comeback, however, taking the first half for the attacking side with a score of 9-6, sh1ro and his teammates lost their grip. Gambit had problems with defense on this map and, as a result, Train, like Dust 2, ended with a result of 16-12 in favor of Natus Vincere.

Born to Win took the upper hand in the championship and received the main reward in the form of $ 100,000 and 1,000 ESL Pro Tour rating points. Gambit Esports, in turn, received the second largest prize - $ 42,000 and 750 ESL Pro Tour points.

DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 kicked off on April 29th. The total prize pool of the championship was $ 250,000. At the event, the organizers, in addition to funds, raffled off 4,200 ESL Pro Tour rating points.

DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 Results