Participants of The International 2022: Team Aster

China has always been famous for having the strongest esports scene in Dota 2 . Team Aster can rightly be called the second strongest team after PSG.LGD in the region. The International 2022 starts very soon, so we continue to talk about how the participants of the main tournament of the year spent the DPC 2022 season. Earlier, we wrote about how one of the most famous South American clubs , Beastcoast , got to The International 11.

Results in the ranking season

Tour 1

Team Aster retained their place in the first division at the end of last season, where they won. In DPC CN 2021/2022 Tour 1: Division I, Ori and the team had a good performance, losing only to league champions,PSG.LGD , and bronze medalists, Royal Never Give Up. As a result, Team Aster and RNG had to play a tiebreaker, because both teams had 5-2 statistics in the standings. Aster turned out to be the winners after a full bo3 streak. Second place in the league earned them $28,000, 180 DPC points, and a slot in the Regional Finals.

Due to the full-scale aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, Valve decided to refuse to host the first Major in 2022 and organized regional finals in each of the rating regions. They failed to earn rating points in DPC CN 2021/2022 Tour 1: Regional Final Team Aster. In the semi-finals of the upper bracket, BoBoKa and their partners met with Royal Never Give Up. In a tense confrontation, RNG won the rematch, while Aster was forced to drop down to the lower bracket. Having beaten EHOME with a score of 2:1, Team Aster again fought with xNova and the team. Team Aster lost two maps in a row and left the tournament. Third place earned the organization $15,000.

Tour 2

The situation was repeated in the second round. Team Aster also played with 5-2 statistics, but there is one problem. This time the club defeated both PSG.LGD and Royal Never Give Up, but unexpectedly lost to Vici Gaming and EHOME. DPC CN 2021/2022 Tour 2: Division I was not without a tiebreaker. Ori and the team lost to Xtreme Gaming with a score of 0:2. But the third place in the league was enough to get the coveted slot at ESL One Stockholm 2022, 160 DPC points and a cash reward of $27,000. But, unfortunately, the Chinese teams were not destined to go to Sweden.

Participants of The International 2022: Team Aster. Photo 1

The COVID-19 pandemic has resurfaced in China, preventing local teams from leaving the country. Valve again had to organize a regional final in China while the rest of the best Dota 2 teams competed in the LAN tournament. Team Aster confidently walked through the upper bracket at DPC CN 2021/2022 Tour 2: Regional Final, outplaying Xtreme Gaming and PSG.LGD. In the grand final of the tournament, BoBoKa and their teammates faced PSG.LGD again. The strongest Chinese team defended this title. Aster was unable to oppose NothingToSay and his teammates, having lost 3 maps in a row in a bo5 series. Silver in the regional final brought the team $25,000 and 300 DPC points. Thus, Aster was able to collect 640 DPC points in two rounds.

Tour 3

DPC CN 2021/2022 Tour 3: Division I was marked by chaos and an abundance of tiebreakers. Team Aster finished 4-3, losing to Royal Never Give Up, Vici Gaming and PSG.LGD. As a result of the league, 4 teams that took places from the second to the fifth had the same statistics. Aster, Xtreme Gaming, Aster.Aries and PSG.LGD had to determine the last three participants who would go to the final Major of the season. Team Aster defeated PSG.LGD and Xtreme Gaming in bo1 matches and took second place in the standings. Monet and his teammates received $28,000, 300 DPC points and a slot at PGL Arlington Major 2022.

Participants of The International 2022: Team Aster. Photo 2

At PGL Arlington Major 2022, the team got into Group B, which they confidently won. Team Aster did not lose a single match, and the result of 3-4-0 was enough to get into the upper bracket. In the quarter-finals of the upper bracket, BoBoKa and their teammates played against Fnatic . On the first map, the fight lasted almost an hour, but the Chinese club won the competition. The second Aster map was easily won with a score of 16:2. Team Spirit became an impenetrable obstacle for the team. Team Aster lost with a score of 0:2 and lost their right to make a mistake. In the lower bracket, Ori and the team defeated Entity and OG in competitive series. The lower bracket final was a rematch between Team Aster and Team Spirit. You can already read the Team Spirit preview before The International 2022 on our website. This time, the Chinese managed to equalize the score in the series, but YATOROGOD and their teammates outplayed Team Aster for the second time. Bronze brought Aster $75,000 and 670 DPC points, which was enough to qualify for The International 11 in terms of rating points.

Results in third-party tournaments

In addition to the ranking season, Team Aster took part in three tournaments and two qualifiers. Let's talk about ESL One Malaysia 2022 in more detail. Team Aster made it to the LAN championship thanks to the victory at ESL One Malaysia 2022 China: Closed Qualifier. The Chinese team won Group A with the statistics 3-2-0, drawing with the Europeans Team Secret and Entity. Aster made it through the upper bracket, defeating Fnatic and Team Secret. The two-time world champions OG awaited them in the grand final. The Chinese club could not cope with the opponent and lost the bo5 series with a score of 0:3. Second place earned Ori and his teammates $85,000.

Participants of The International 2022: Team Aster. Photo 3

Team Aster results in events from third-party organizers:

Current line-up

This year the composition of the team has not changed. In 2021, Ori and 皮球 joined the club. And BoBoKa and Xxs have been playing since the founding of the organization, namely since September 2018. Trains the LaNm team.

The composition of Team Aster is presented below:

In total, Team Aster earned $435,500 during the season. The Chinese club has been playing extremely stable throughout the year, although they are constantly lacking something for a triumph. Good performance both individually and as a team sets them apart from the background of many participants in the upcoming World Cup. Team Aster should be in the top 8 of The International 2022, if not higher.

Recall that The International 2022 will be held from October 15 to 30 this year in a LAN format. The venue will be Suntec Singapore and Singapore Indoor Stadium in Singapore. The top 20 teams from around the world will compete for the biggest prize pool of the year, which is determined by the sales of the Battle Pass 2022 .

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