LCK Summer 2020 has been pushed online again

After the outbreak of the coronavirus in Seoul, the league organizers decided to once again transfer the LCK Summer 2020 matches to the online format. At the moment, the tournament has entered the playoff stage, and therefore the number of meetings that will take place online will be small. The final fight in Korea, by the way, will take place on September 9th.

Whether such measures will be taken in other leagues is currently unknown. Before going online, LCK Summer 2020 matches were played at LoL Park. Only the players were there, and all the spectators watched the action through streaming platforms at home. Despite all the measures taken by Riot Games in the form of special sanitary control, processing of all computer peripherals, gaming booths and other things, the organizers decided not to risk it and move the competition to the online space.

To ensure that players do not break the rules while in their training houses, Riot Games sent their coordinators to them for special supervision.