DAMWON Gaming – champions of LCK Summer 2020

The final match of the League of Legends summer split in the Korean region ended a few hours ago. DAMWON Gaming and DragonX met in the final match.

DAMWON Gaming made it to the grand final of the championship directly. They finished the group stage 16-2. DragonX had to play an additional bo5 streak in the semifinals.

The match was played in bo5 format. From the first map DAMWON seized the advantage and did not give it up until the end of the meeting. Having won the grand final 3-0, the team guaranteed themselves a direct hit in the Worlds 2020 group stage.

Final distribution of teams

  1. DAMWON Gaming - $ 84,000 and Worlds 2020 Package
  2. DRX - $ 50,000 and 90 RPC Points
  3. Gen.G Esports - $ 25,000 and 70 Qualifying Points
  4. Afreeca Freecs - $ 16,000 and 40 Qualifying Points
  5. T1 - $ 12,000 and 20 qualifying points.

The other five teams received $ 8,000 each and 0 qualifying points. The LoL World Championship kicks off on September 25th. 22 teams will take part in the tournament.