Summer Split 2020: event digest

LPL Summer 2020

The Chinese LPL Summer 2020 has come to its logical conclusion. According to its results, Top Esports became the winners, the title of vice-champions was received by JD Gaming, and the bronze medalists were destined to become representatives of Suning Gaming.

LPL Summer 2020 Results

LEC Summer 2020

In pursuit of the victory of LEC Summer 2020, three participants remained: Fnatic, who reached the grand final through the upper bracket, and G2 Esports and Rogue, who ended up in the final of the lower bracket. G2 went down there after losing the final in the upper bracket.

Recall that the winner of the event will receive $ 95,320 as a reward, the vice-champion - $ 59,575, and the bronze medalist - $ 35,745. Top 4 teams received invitations to the 2020 Worlds Championship. MAD Lions took 4th place in the standings, which in turn earned $ 23,830.


LCS Summer 2020

The situation in LCS Summer 2020 is similar to that in LEC Summer 2020, with the exception of the distribution of invites among the participants. Unlike the European region in LCS Summer 2020, Cloud9, who took 4th place in the standings, do not receive a direct invitation, but the top three will go to the League of Legends World Championship. FlyQuest, Team Liquid and Team SoloMid are in the fight for the main cash prize of $ 100,000. If Liquid, the losers in the Upper Bracket Finals, and SoloMid are fighting to reach the Grand Finals, FlyQuest is already there, beating Liquid in the Upper Bracket Final and securing a minimum prize of $ 50,000.

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LCK Summer 2020

In LCK Summer 2020, teams are left to play in the grand final. DAMWON Gaming and DragonX became the best duo in the Korean league. Only the winner of the competition will receive a direct invitation to the 2020 Worlds Championship, and therefore the teams have something to compete for. And besides, who wants to refuse the main cash prize of ~ $ 84,670. The vice champion will receive ~ $ 50,000 and 90 ranking points.