The pairs of the playoff stage determined at GG.Bet Birmingham Invitational

Ilya "Illidan" Pivcaev’s team has achieved victory in the match between The Pango and Old but Gold. Now, Old but Gold will face Fng and his teammates from Gambit Esports. This match will be especially interesting because the guys from Gambit have been a serious problem for Old but Gold since StarLadder i-League Dota 2 Minor 2019.


With regard to the last match in Group B, the victory has been also achieved by the CIS representatives, Team Empire. The Final Tribe was not able to resist the pressure from KingR and his teammates and lost with a score 0-2. Now, Team Empire will play against Alliance in the battle for advancing to the final of the qualifiers.

GG.Bet Invitational started on April 8 and will finish on April 13. The prize pool amounts $5,000 and an invite to ESL One Birmingham 2019. The winner will earn the main prize in the form of an invite, while the team to place second will have to be satisfied with $5,000.

Natus Vincere and Black Hornets Gaming had taken part in the tournament but the above-mentioned teams were the first to be eliminated from the competition.