Statistics say: NAVI's chances of getting invited to The International 10 are 8.18%

Ben 'Noxville' Steenuizen, known for his interesting statistics, said that according to analytical data, the chances of NAVI entering The International 10 are only 8.18%. At first glance, this figure is very small, but it is surprising that the two-time world champions in the person of OG have an even less indicator - 5.63%.

Earlier it became known that and Invictus Gaming became the second and third teams that were able to earn invitations to the main Dota 2 event. Evil Geniuses, which have shown the best results in North America so far, were pioneers in this matter.

According to the testimony of Ben 'Noxville' Stinuizen, the chances of another CIS-team reaching TI10 are rather low - they do not even reach the threshold of 20%, and therefore may become the only native of the Commonwealth of Independent States region to visit Stockholm as a participant 10th Anniversary The International.

Valve recently announced The International 2021. The Dota 2 World Championship kicks off on August 5 and ends on the 15th. The host city of the tournament will be Stockholm, Sweden, with a total prize pool of $ 40,000,000. The Dota 2 developers refused to re-collect funds for the prize pool, however, they said that they would hold additional events in connection with the current circumstances. The organization did not disclose whether spectators would attend this championship.