and Invictus Gaming secure themselves with invitations to The International 2021

VP and iG delighted their fans - the teams managed to earn enough points to receive an invitation to The International 2021. They will receive invites regardless of what results they show in the next confrontations., by the way, have not suffered a single defeat yet and are in the top division of DPC 2021 Season 2 in Eastern Europe with a score of 6-0. All they had to do was play Winstrike.

Renowned analyst and stat Ben 'Noxville' Stinuizen said that EG became the first team to secure an invite to The International 2021 due to their good performance in the top division of DPC 2021 Season 2 in North America.

Valve announced The International 2021. The Dota 2 World Championship starts on August 5 and ends on the 15th. The host city of the tournament will be Stockholm, Sweden, with a total prize pool of $ 40,000,000. The Dota 2 developers refused to re-collect funds for the prize pool, however, they said that they would hold additional events in connection with the current circumstances. The organization did not disclose whether spectators would attend this championship.