Open qualifiers for D2CL Season 5 start today

There is nothing left before the start of the open qualifiers for Dota 2 Champions League Season 5. Around 128 teams will play in the Big Bo1 roulette.

Until the semi-finals stage, all matches will be played in bo1 format. Starting from the semi-finals, all matches will be played in bo3 format.

The winner of the open qualifiers will advance to the Dota 2 Champions League group stage, where they will join the invited teams. So far, the list of invited commands looks like this:

In the fifth season of D2CL, 10 teams from Europe and the CIS will compete against each other for $ 50,000. In the group stage, the teams will play in a round-robin system with bo3 matches, after which the double-elimination bracket of the playoffs with bo3 matches starts. The decisive confrontation for the title of champion of the fifth season of the Dota 2 Champions League will be held in a bo5 format.