D2CL: NoMarci, Nemiga Gaming and Team Empire completed the tournament

The next game day of Dota 2 Champions League Season 5 brought to the end the performance of three participants at once.

In the first elimination match, NoMarci and Team Empire fought. In it, the first map was quite lengthy, interesting and intriguing. The teams finished the fight in 44 minutes with a score of 42-28 in Empire's favor. The winners were helped by the choice in favor of Kunkka and Lina. On the second map, the team's peak was completely changed, but this did not prevent the team from gaining the upper hand in the fight against NoMarci in 25 minutes with the score 18-13 in Empire's favor.

HellRaisers and Nemiga Gaming fought in the second confrontation of the last gaming day. There HellRaisers made their choice in favor of Windranger and Terrorblade, which greatly helped the team to gain the upper hand in 33 minutes with a score of 35-20. The second map was almost equal in duration to the first, but it was completely dictated by the HellRaisers players. Invoker and Troll Warlord helped HR complete the 42-10 map in 30 minutes.

The above two fights put an end to the performance of NoMarci and Nemiga Gaming. The teams took 5-6 places in the standings and received cash prizes of $ 2,000.

In the next elimination match, the winners of the previously mentioned confrontations, Team Empire and HellRaisers, came face to face. The first map lasted long enough and ended 45 minutes after it started. HellRaisers defeated their opponents with a score of 32-18, and Phantom Lancer and Storm Spirit became their main striking force. On the second map, just like in the case of Nemiga Gaming, HR took the victory much easier than it was on the first, and the score gap was quite impressive. HR used their heroes Invoker and Troll Warlord again and did not surprise their opponents with anything. The plan was good and worked like a Swiss clock, which allowed HellRaisers to finish the fight with a score of 34-13 in 38 minutes and send Team Empire to pack their bags. Thus, Empire took 4th position in the standings, and their reward was $ 3,000.

The name of the first team to become the grand finalist of the event has also become known today. In the final of the Upper Bracket, Entity (formerly known as Creepwave) faced off against HYDRA. Due to the recent joining the esports organization, the players received additional motivation to show good results in this championship, which was noticeable in their performance throughout the match, especially on the first map. Entity played very well there and didn't let HYDRA take a deep breath. The mid, carry and offlane who played Batrider, Monkey King and Viper finished the first map 12-2-12, 14-1-13 and 12-4-19 respectively, and both supports had 31 and 27 assists. As a result, the meeting there ended in 35 minutes with a score of 42-16 in favor of Entity. On the second map, the battle was more measured, and the main power of Entity this time was Queen of Pain and Medusa. The team finished the fight in 30 minutes with a score of 28-19. Thus, Entity became the first grand finalist and will now compete in a decisive battle for the main prize of $ 25,000. HYDRA, in turn, fell into the lower bracket and will play with HellRaisers there for the right to become the second finalist of the championship.

Dota 2 Champions League interim results


Dota 2 Champions League Season 5 began on November 8 and ends on the 28th. The total prize pool of the championship is $ 50,000. All teams with the exception of NoMarci received direct invitations. Daxak and his teammates made their way to the championship through an open qualifier.