D2CL Season 5: Brame and V-Gaming kick off the tournament

The first matches of the playoff stage have come to an end. Now we will take the names of the teams that took 7-8 places in the standings, as well as the names of the teams that entered the top 4.

In the matches of the lower bracket, Brame fought with Team Empire and could not take a single card in the fight against them. On the first map, Empire defeated the rivals with the help of Mars and Snapfire, and on the second map, Ax and Lina acted as the main striking force. Let's note the fact that on the first map Brame resisted quite strongly, as a result of which the battle lasted 56 minutes, and on the second map Empire demolished the throne in half an hour of the game.

V-Gaming and Nemiga Gaming took part in the second match of the lower bracket. The first map ended in 31 minutes in favor of Nemiga. They were helped in this by Naga Siren and Dark Willow. It is noteworthy that the team's carry who played on the Naga Siren never died in the entire game and ended it with a score of 10-0-13. V-Gaming changed their approach to the game on the second map and won there, making the game a draw. On the third map, Nemiga returned to their Naga Siren and again defeated their rivals with her help, putting an end not only in this fight, but also in the performance of V-Gaming at this event.

In the upper bracket, the matches were quite tense and passed with a score of 2-1. Creepwave first lost the first map against NoMarci, after which they won the other two. The fight with the participation of HYDRA and HellRaisers followed the same scenario. HYDRA lost on the first map, but prevailed on the second and third and reached the final of the upper bracket.

As a result of the past meetings, three game pairs were formed. In the Upper Bracket Finals, Creepwave and HYDRA will battle it out to become the first grand finalist of the event. In the lower bracket, NoMarci will play with Team Empire for the right to further participate in the event, and the match between HellRaisers and Nemiga Gaming will be the last for one of the aforementioned teams. Brame and V-Gaming took 7th-8th place in the standings and earned $ 1,000 each. The very first teams to leave the championship were Khan and B8 Esports. They ranked 9-10 and earned $ 500 each.

Dota 2 Champions League interim results


Dota 2 Champions League Season 5 began on November 8 and ends on the 28th. The total prize pool of the championship is $ 50,000. All teams with the exception of NoMarci received direct invitations. Daxak and his teammates made their way to the championship through an open qualifier.