HellRaisers are the Dota 2 Champions League Season 5 Champions!

The Dota 2 Champions League Season 5 tournament has come to an end. In the grand final, teams such as HellRaisers and Entity fought against each other. Entity entered the final bout through the upper bracket, while HR fought their way through the lower bracket.

The fight turned out to be very interesting and eventful. The Bo5 series was played on all five maps.

The first map went well for HellRaisers right away. The players of this team decided that they would bet on Luna and Invoker and it was not in vain. Alimzhan 'watson' Islambekov finished the game on Luna with a score of 10-1-8, which helped the team to dominate Entity throughout the game. The first map ended in 31 minutes with a score of 20-13 and the teams went to the second.

Entity analyzed their mistakes, and HellRaisers slightly changed their approach to the game. Now they have taken Lina and Faceless Void as their main strike force. Entity, in turn, is Invoker and Wraith King. Although re1bl from HE finished the match with 12-6-6 statistics, however, Entity's team play allowed the players to defeat HellRaisers in this match. Entity drew the game and went to the next map.

On the third map, HellRaisers again changed their approach to choosing heroes and changed their strategy. They now relied on the power of Drow Ranger and Nature's Prophet. Watson and re1bl, who played the aforementioned characters, finished the game 6-1-10 and 13-1-7, respectively. The power of Nature's Prophet practically did not allow Entity players to breathe freely. The latter were defeated with a score of 16-27 in 29 minutes. Now the total score on the scoreboard was 2-1 and the teams went to the fourth map.

The penultimate fight was the longest in the grand final. The teams fought to the last, because for HellRaisers it was a chance to win the tournament, and Entity, in case of victory, will have a chance to return to the game. The main stars of this match were Stormstormer from Entity and Watson from HellRaisers. The first played on Invoker with a score of 19-3-21, while Watson finished the map with a score of 13-5-5. Invoker's contribution to the game turned out to be more significant and Entity finished the fight against HR with a score of 46-25 in 38 minutes, got a chance to win the event and went to play on the fifth map.

The fifth map, according to the canons of the classic grand finals, was supposed to be the most intriguing and interesting, but no. HellRaisers decided to finish the job quickly and turned to the method of winning over their opponents, which was shown on the third map. Re1bl got Nature's Prophet, which he plays very well, and Watson took Terrorblade in his turn. This duo was very deadly and each of the players never died in the entire game. Watson finished the map with a personal score of 8-0-7, and re1bl with a score of 12-0-7. HellRaisers suppressed their rivals from the very beginning of the game and made the enemies dance to their tune. In almost 34 minutes, they managed to demolish their opponent's throne and finish the game 26-10.

For winning the Dota 2 Champions League Season 5 HellRaisers received the main cash reward of $ 25,000. Entity also achieved a good result and became a silver medalist. This allowed them to claim their second-largest reward of $ 10,000. The third place was taken by HYDRA, which lost in the fight against HellRaisers, where the second finalist of the tournament was determined. The team received $ 5,000

Results of the Dota 2 Champions League