Puppey: "Five Majors in a season - would be optimal"

Clement Puppey Ivanov - Team Secret captain noted that he should change in the new DPC season and talk about his attitude towards long leagues.

Puppey would like to increase the number of majors, in his opinion, five tournaments would be optimal and would not like to play long qualifiers on them.

Clement believes that long leagues do not organically combine in Dota 2, as the game is too unstable due to constant patches, the meta is changing. Sometimes a team can completely lose shape in 3 weeks and slide from a high level to the very bottom. In the six weeks of last season's leagues, anything could happen, buff one thing, nerf another.

According to Puppey, it is impossible to play the same way on two different patches within the same season.

Team Secret will kick off The International 10 playoffs with a match against OG in the Upper Bracket at 12:30. The forecast for this game is available!