What should we expect from the fourth round of StarSeries Season 7?

Team Spirit vs Team Vitality

The unquestioning favorite of the battle is Team Vitality for sure. At the last round they lost the battle against a difficult opponent. At this battle their opponents will be much easier than Fnatic, that are one of the best teams on the Swedish stage.

Natus Vincere vs NRG Esports

“Born to Win” are likely to get a win here. All the indicators state that the North American team will be able to win as the previous opponents were much stronger than Na’Vi, but as we know the characters of the players, we prefer to opt for the yellow-black in this situation.

ENCE eSports vs FaZe Clan

In our opinion, the unquestioning favorite of the meeting is ENCE eSports. The Finnish have proved many times that they represent one of the best teams in the world. FaZe Clan are also not bad but their opponents that the Europeans won over at the current tournament were rather weak.

Ninjas in Pyjamas vs Vici Gaming

At the first round Vici Gaming won over a difficult opponent that is Natus Vincere, but judging from the previous matches, this win was achieved thanks to high moral and luck. The chance of the Chinese winning the battle with Ninjas in Pyjamas exists, but it is not as high as the likelihood of NiP becoming the winner of the match.

North vs MIBR

At this match we lean towards North, as MIBR have been showing bad results recently and the only team the Brazilians managed to defeat was Panda Gaming, that was impossible not to win over.


We think that at this battle TYLOO have a good chance to win. We think so due to the fact that the match will be held in home arena of TYLOO and the gaming shape of BIG has to be improved, as usual.


StarSeries & i-League CS:GO Invitational Season 7 started on 30 March and will be going on till 7 April. 16 collectives are taking part in the division of the prize pool of $500,000.