The review of BLAST Pro Series São Paulo 2019

The organization of the tournament

All viewers were satisfied with the organization of the tournament. There were no big technical issues and the show, which viewers were watching, was not bad, except a bad performance of their favorites.

The teams, which have performed in accordance with expectations


The review of BLAST Pro Series São Paulo 2019. Photo 1

The Danish team has continued its winning streak. This time, gla1ve with his teammates has held the cup of BLAST Pro Series São Paulo 2019. Astralis was showing its best during the whole championship. At the group stage, they achieved five victories in bo1 matches without losing. The main prize in the sum of $125,000 was put in Astralis’ pocket again. Unlike previous tournaments, the victory was achieved not so easily by Astralis. Four matches out of five were over with a score 16-14, 16-13, and 16-12 and the first map was lost in the last match. This reflects the general growth of gaming level in CS:GO. Maybe, we will see how someone achieves victory over Astralis at one of the next tournaments but it seems that the Danes have held the top of the world rate for a long time.

Team Liquid

The review of BLAST Pro Series São Paulo 2019. Photo 2

Team Liquid has performed at the championship very well. The Americans achieved three victories at the group stage, having made a draw in one match, and only one match was over with a loss for Liquid. Team Liquid faced Astralis in a tough match in the grand final where they won the first map. Many viewers, following the championship, thought that Liquid might become the champion of BLAST Pro Series São Paulo 2019, however, they were not able to reach their goal. Despite this, the Americans have taken root in second place in the world top well.

ENCE eSports

The review of BLAST Pro Series São Paulo 2019. Photo 3

ENCE doesn’t stop making viewers happy and especially the part of the audience who is located in Finland. Like Team Liquid, ENCE achieved three victories, had one loss and finished one match with a draw at the group stage but due to the difference between won and lost rounds was more significant than Liquid’s difference, ENCE advanced to BLAST Pro Standoff. There, making significant efforts, they have defeated the Brazilian opponents in the face of MIBR and become the owner of the prize in the sum of $25,000 (+$20,000 — a bonus for winning BLAST Pro Standoff).

Ninjas in Pyjamas

The review of BLAST Pro Series São Paulo 2019. Photo 4

Ninjas in Pyjamas definitely came to the tournament, not as the favorite and the fact that they finished their way on the first stage of the tournament didn’t become a surprise for everyone. GeT_RiGhT with his team only managed to beat FaZe Clan and MIBR. They lost the matches against Astralis, Liquid, and ENCE. NiP has placed fourth and become the owner of the prize in the sum of $15,000.

FaZe Clan

The review of BLAST Pro Series São Paulo 2019. Photo 5

Despite a few good individual performers, FaZe Clan was not able to achieve more than one victory, which was in the match against MIBR. FaZe has finished its participation in the group stage with a statistic 1-0-4 and earned a consolation prize in the sum of $10,000 for the fifth place. Many were surprised with the fact that AdreN, who was playing for the Europeans as a stand-in, became the worst performer of BLAST Pro Series São Paulo 2019. Initially, he had joined the team till IEM Katowice Major 2019 but despite this, he remained on the roster after that. The majority of viewers think that this performance of AdreN was the last one on the roster of FaZe Clan. We will find out very soon if their suggestion is right.

The main disappointment of the tournament


The review of BLAST Pro Series São Paulo 2019. Photo 6

This performance of the Brazilian is probably the worst in the history of the roster with FalleN as a captain. The team was not able to beat its opponents at the group stage. When the organizers decided to send MIBR to BLAST Pro Series, the Brazilians didn’t show good results there too. They were close victories in duels, however, despite this, MIBR didn’t make a triumph in duels. By the way, they faced ENCE eSports who showed that their team play was in synergy with high individual skills, which makes the Finns very dangerous opponents for teams of any level.

The Brazilians came to watch the Brazilian CS:GO and to root for their favorites in the face of MIBR but they found out how the participants of BLAST Pro Series São Paulo 2019 crushed their favorites. As a result, the public could remain unsatisfied and be disappointed. The only thing that could improve the situation was the decision of the organizers to send MIBR to BLAST Pro Standoff.