IEM Summer 2021: Team Vitality beat Gambit Esports to become the first finalist in Group A!

The match between Gambit Esports and Team Vitality turned out to be not as predictable as it could have been. To the surprise of the audience, Vitality did not concede a single map to their opponents and won the match 2-0. The French needed only two maps to defeat Gambit Esports and guarantee themselves a place in the playoffs.

The teams went head-to-head first on Dust 2, where Vitality prevailed 16-13. On Overpass, the team has already shown itself in all its glory and lost only eight rounds to Gambit.

Now Vitality will fight in the final of the Upper Bracket in Group A with the winner of the FPX Esports vs G2 Esports duel, while Gambit Esports fell into the Lower Bracket. There the CIS-team will play against the winner of the match Astralis vs Extra Salt.


Intel Extreme Masters Summer 2021 kicked off today and will end on June 13th. The total prize pool of the championship is $ 250,000, $ 100,000 of which will go to the winner.