Spirit and BIG secure second victories at PGL Major Stockholm 2021 Challengers Stage

Two starting meetings of the third round of the PGL Major Stockholm 2021 Challengers Stage have ended, following which the teams Spirit and BIG reached the result of 2-1. Let us note in advance that there were no sensations, since both favorites gained their natural victories.

Spirit - TYLOO

The meeting between the team from the upper echelon and the team from the Celestial Empire started on the Overpass map. However, already in the first half, the Russian team showed skill in defense, gaining a splendid advantage over the side switching - 12: 3. The only chance for TYLOO to win back was the second pistol round. But the Chinese team turned out to be powerless against the attack of the Spirit team, which not only took over the most important economic round, but also secured the first easy victory at PGL Major Stockholm 2021 Challengers Stage - 16: 3.

BIG - Renegades

A parallel encounter unfolded on the Inferno map, which could become a field for a possible sensation. However, the German team clearly analyzed the game of Renegades, showing exemplary play in the attack, in order to arrange a beautiful defeat - 13: 2. The second half has already begun under the sign of the superiority of the Australian team, which, having won the pistol round, decided to impose a fight on the Germans. And yet BIG's experience predetermined the fate of the fight, which ended in favor of tabseN and the company - 16: 9.

The final batch of matches in the BO1 format is next in line:

Note that these meetings will also be held in a studio format.


PGL Major Stockholm 2021 runs from October 26 to November 7 in Sweden. 24 teams are competing for a prize pool of $ 2,000,000, as well as BLAST Premier and ESL Pro Tour points. The championship playoffs will take place at the Avicii Arena with spectators, while the early stages of the championship are played in a studio format.