IEM Fall 2021 Europe: Vitality defeated MAD Lions, and OG dealt with Sprout

Vitality beat MAD Lions with a score of 16: 2 on Inferno, and OG proved to be stronger than Sprout on Dust 2 with a score of 16: 7.

Vitality tries to ban cards: Dust 2, Ancient and Mirage. OG banned: Vertigo, Ancient and Nuke.

The teams are in group "C", now at the top of the group stage Vitality and OG, and Sprout and MAD Lions are in the relegation zone. It should be noted that only 2 teams leave the group, the third place goes to the replay for the 9-12th place among the teams that took 3 places in other groups.

The following matches for today at IEM Fall 2021: Europe:

SKADE vs DBL PONEY @ BO1 Ninjas in Pajamas vs. Fiend @ BO1 FaZe Clan vs. fnatic @ BO1