How was the first game day of IEM Fall 2021 Europe?

The first gaming day within Intel Extreme Masters Fall 2021 Europe came to an end on the night of September 29-30. Now we will share all the results of the event and summarize the interim results. Let's see who has more chances of reaching the playoffs, and who risks being left behind and not making it to the final stage of the championship.

Recall that in each of the four groups the teams played the first three matches. Meetings, by the way, are held in Bo1 format.

Group A

In Group A, G2 Esports performed best. The team prevailed in the fight over AURA, almost without experiencing any difficulties. The latter were able to take only 1 round from the Europeans and were defeated with a result of 1-16. For this reason, players can now be on tilt and catch a strong dismoral. AURA is the main outsider of Group A and, most likely, the team will not reach either the playoffs or tie-breaks for 9-12 places.

Copenhagen Flames managed to beat FunPlus Phoenix with a score of 16-12 and brought themselves closer to the playoff stage, but perhaps the most interesting confrontation in Group A was the match with the participation of BIG and mousesports. The teams fought on Mirage and there BIG started on the defensive side and took 8 rounds, but after the transition they could not successfully demonstrate their attacking abilities more than 2 times. The match ended with a score of 16-10.

Group A Table

How was the first game day of IEM Fall 2021 Europe?. Photo 1

Group B

There were no matches in Group B with a very wide gap in rounds, but the fight between Astralis and Endpoint was the fastest and ended 16-7 in favor of the Danes. A very expected result, especially considering that Endpoints come with a replacement.

Heroic and Movistar Riders fought in another confrontation and the meeting ended with a score of 16-10 in favor of Heroic, but the fight between Complexity Gaming and Team Sinners was the most intriguing in Group B. Nuke Sinners started very well on the defense side, taking 10 rounds there to the row. After the transition, Complexity Gaming started their way to a comeback, but it was stopped by the Sinners, and the meeting ended with a result of 16-13.

As a result, Astralis are in Group B closest to reaching the playoffs, while Heroic and Sinners are in 2nd and 3rd places. The results from Complexity Gaming, Movistar Riders and Endpoint leave a lot to be desired.

Group B Table

How was the first game day of IEM Fall 2021 Europe?. Photo 2

Group C

In Group C, MAD Lions could not perform according to their clan tag. The team played more like WEAK Lions than MAD Lions. In the fight against Team Vitality, the team managed to take two rounds with great difficulty. Apparently, Vitality is ready for an unconditional victory in Group C, and MAD Lions were a great option on which to warm up.

OG also beat Sprout without encountering much resistance in their path. The team won with a score of 16-7 and took 2nd place in this group.

ENCE, in turn, faced off against Dignitas in an equal fight. It was very difficult for the teams and the Bo1-meeting was full-fledged. After 30 rounds out of 30 possible, the winner was nevertheless determined - it was the Finnish ENCE roster. Thus, the team managed to take the third place in the group table and the team now has more chances of reaching the playoffs.

Group C table

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Group D

The matches in the fourth group were perhaps the most unusual. There, two matches took place at once with a breaking score and the only meeting within the first game day, which ended in overtime.

NiP defeated Team Fiend representatives without any problems, losing only 4 rounds to the latter. FaZe Clan also turned out to be not a bastard and defeated Fnatic with a score of 16-5.

The match between SKADE and Double Poney was the most exciting and intriguing. It took a little longer to watch the famous French esportsmen, who previously played under the G2 Esports tag, in the person of Alejandra 'bodyy' Pianaro and Lucas 'Lucky' Chesteng. He and his teammates from Double Poney lost 6 rounds on Ancient in the first half. However, this half was played for the attacking side, and, as everyone probably already knows, the Ancient card is famous for the fact that they win for the defense side much more often than for the attack. And so it happened. Double Poney took 9 rounds in the second half and fought SKADE in a series of extra rounds. The latter, by the way, failed to take a single round in overtime, while Double Poney won 19-15 on Ancient and moved closer to the playoff stage. Despite this, they are much further from the final stage than FaZe Clan or NiP.

Group D table

How was the first game day of IEM Fall 2021 Europe?. Photo 4

We remind you that in the group stage the teams play in four groups in a round robin system in Bo1 matches. The two best teams from each group will go to the playoffs, while the teams that take 3 places in their sixes will compete in tie-breaks for 9-12 places. The rest of the teams will end their participation in the championship immediately after the end of the group stage.

IEM Fall 2021 Europe is the only ESL ranking event that takes place offline. The venue was the Quality Hotel Globe in the Swedish capital, Stockholm.


Intel Extreme Masters Fall 2021 Europe kicked off on September 29 and ends on October 10. The total prize pool for the championship will be $ 105,000 and will be the largest of all RMR regions.

In addition to financial rewards, 24 participants compete for RMR points and ESL Pro Tour rating units.

The winner will take home $ 27,500 and 2,500 RMR Points, while the silver medalist will receive $ 17,500 and 2,344 RMR units. The third-placed team will receive $ 12,000 and 2,031 RMR points. The above teams will also earn 500, 350 and 225 ESL Pro Tour points, respectively.