IEM Fall - CIS: NaVi, Team Spirit and Entropiq start their journey with a victory

Today IEM Fall: CIS started - the last PMP tournament of the season. The first round of the group stage in Group A is behind.

Team Spirit coped with their rivals the fastest. The Dragons confidently beat Nemiga 4-16.

Following Spirit, NaVi and AVE finished their meeting. The fight turned out to be surprisingly colorful, Ave imposed a fight and managed to take 12 rounds.

The last to finish their fight were Akuma and Entropiq. In an equal fight, hooch's wards - Entropiq 16-13 Akuma turned out to be stronger.

While the first round in Group A is over, Group B is entering the battlefield. and K23 have already started confrontations, and the rest of the four teams are finishing their last preparations.


IEM Fall 2021 CIS started on September 29 and will end on October 3. The tournament will play out $ 50,000 and 12,657 RMR points.