IEM Fall 2021 Europe: BIG and FaZe Clan will fight in the match for 9th place

As part of the European RMR tournament, Intel Extreme Masters Fall 2021, the matches for the 9-10th place have come to an end. In the first one, BIG beat Heroic with a score of 2-0, and in the second, FaZe Clan defeated OG with a score of 2-1.

Heroic vs BIG

Heroic and BIG went head-to-head on Nuke. The Heroic players started for the attack and took only 4 rounds in the first half. After the transition, they were able to show excellent defensive play and took the 11 necessary rounds in order to bring the game to a draw. With a score of 15-15, the teams resorted to using additional rounds to determine the winner of Nuke. BIG got the upper hand on Nuke 19-17 and moved on to the next fight, which took place on Vertigo.

Heroic got off to a great start against the German team and took 9 rounds in the first half. Nevertheless, BIG turned out to be more prepared for this map, and the field of transition did not concede a single round to the Danes, ending the map with a score of 16-9 and the game with a score of 2-0.

OG vs FaZe Clan

The second match of yesterday's game day was more intense, interesting and intriguing. There, the bands first played against each other on Ancient. The first half of the map went flush and ended with a score of 8-7, after which the tendency of an equal struggle was lost. FaZe Clan showed themselves much better on this map in defense and lost only 3 rounds there, and at the same time won with a score of 16-10.

The second map for battles was Inferno. There OG started badly for the attacking side, taking away only 5 rounds from the opponents. After the transition, the Europeans showed all the power of the defense and closed the second map with a result of 16-14 and went to Mirage.

The game on Mirage has become completely boring and lack of initiative on the part of OG. The latter took only 4 rounds in defense in the first half and could not take a single one in the second half.

This result of the game led to the fact that BIG will fight with FaZe Clan in the match for 9th place, and Heroic and OG will compete in the match for 11th place in the standings.

The meetings will take place tonight.

We remind you that the group stage ended earlier. Following its results, such teams as Astralis, Team Fiend, G2 Esports, ENCE, Copenhagen Flames, Team Vitality, Movistar Riders and NiP reached the playoffs. The aforementioned teams took the first two places in their groups and will now play in the quarterfinals.

12 participants have already completed their way in the championship. AURA, Endpoint, Sprout and Fnatic took 21-24 places in the standings and got nothing. Teams such as FPX Esports, Complexity Gaming, MAD Lions and SKADE took the 17th-20th place holders of the minimum prizes of $ 500. Mousesports, Sinners, Dignitas and Double Poney reached 13-16 places in the standings and received $ 1,000.


Intel Extreme Masters Fall 2021 Europe started on September 29th and will end on October 10th. Within the framework of the championship, a total prize pool of $ 105,000 is drawn between 24 participants. The winner will take home $ 27,500 + 2,500 RMR + 500 ESL Pro Tour. The silver medalist will receive the second largest cash prize of $ 17,500 + 2,344 RMR + 350 ESL Pro Tour. The team that can be placed on the third line in the standings will take $ 12,000 + 2,188 RMR + 225 ESL Pro Tour.