Intel Extreme Masters Fall 2021 kicked off today!

September 29 is the start day of the long-awaited RMR championship in several divisions. In North America and Asia, matches start on October 5th. We will tell you more about the championship in each of the regions.


In the European division, 24 teams will fight, which will share a total prize pool of $ 105,000 between each other. In addition to financial rewards, teams will also earn RMR points, as well as ESL Pro Tour rating units.

The winner will take home the main prize of $ 27,500 and 2,500 RMR Points. The silver medalist will receive $ 17,500 and 2,344 RMR units, while the third-place team will receive $ 12,000 and 2,031 RMR rating points. The above teams will also earn 500, 350 and 225 ESL Pro Tour points, respectively.

List of participants of the European IEM Fall 2021 Europe

Group A

Group B

Group C

Group D


The venue for the European RMR tournament will be the Quality Hotel Globe in the Swedish capital, Stockholm.


In the CIS region, the number of participants will be only twelve teams. They will come face to face from September 29 to October 3 to split the $ 50,000 and compete for the top reward of $ 17,500, 2,500 RMR points and 400 ESL Pro Tour rating points. The silver medalist in turn will receive $ 12,000 and 2,344 RMR points + 285 ESL Pro Tour units, while the third-place team will receive $ 8,000, 2,188 RMR points and 180 ESL Pro Tour units.

List of participants IEM Fall 2021 CIS

Group A

Group B


The matches of the CIS region will be held online.

Oceania countries

In the countries of Oceania, the matches will start on September 29 and end on October 3. The total prize fund of the event for the four teams will be only $ 10,000. The winner will receive $ 5,500 + 2,500 RMR + 185 ESL Pro Tour points, the vice-champion - $ 3,000 + 2,344 RMR + 85 ESL Pro Tour points, and the bronze medalist - $ 1,500 + 2,188 RMR + 45 ESL Pro Tour points. The last-placed team will receive a consolation reward of 2,031 RMR points.

Unlike the aforementioned divisions, in the countries of Oceania, the teams immediately play in the single-elimination bracket.

List of participants IEM Fall 2021 Ocania


As in the case of the CIS division, teams from Oceania play online.

South America

The South American region in its format is completely identical to the championship for the countries of Oceania. The same prize money, the same distribution, the same number of participants and the same online format.

List of participants IEM Fall 2021 South America


The matches in North America and Asia will start on October 5 and end on the 10th. The teams will share the prize money there along with RMR and ESL Pro Tour rating points.