Review of The Bucharest Minor 2019

The first Minor tournament has been completed  this year and the second one in the whole season — The Bucharest Minor 2019. The guys from EHOME became the champions of the competition defeating Gambit eSports at the grand final by the score of 3:1. It's high time we summed it up.

Disappointing teams:


Review of The Bucharest Minor 2019. Photo 1

The guys from OG are the current world's champions according to The International 2018 and a lot of people expected at least their getting to three best, but the collective got the 5-6 position. Yes, the roster came to the Minor with a substitute and hadn't participated in any online tournament to get a good shape, but there weren't so many strong teams at the competition, so their result is considered to be a failure. The collective seems to play badly in the season until Ana returns for The International 2019.


Review of The Bucharest Minor 2019. Photo 2

PPD and the team had reached the competition being one of the favorites as their roster is represented by very strong and famous players that have gained at least the 7-8 place at The International tournament series. Besides, NiP took the fourth position at The Kuala Lumpur Major 2018, performing with a substitute which proves their high level of game. But The Bucharest Minor 2019 hasn't brought any success to them, so FATA and the team have to enjoy only the fourth position. This result can't be  defined as good for the Draft Geniy team.

Surprising teams:

Keen Gaming

Review of The Bucharest Minor 2019. Photo 3

The only team that managed to surprise with it's good game which resulted in a top place can be Keen Gaming. Before the start the roster was considered to be middle that can either fail or get a top place. The team together with old chicken chose the second way. The collective showed good results at the group stage taking the this place in the playoff through the bracket. By the way, Keen Gaming gave way only to the finalists of the tournament: the guys from Gambit Esports got two win and one more triumph can be seen among EHOME's achievements.

Team Team

Review of The Bucharest Minor 2019. Photo 4

Nobody believed in ixmike88 from the very beginning and bookmakers put his team above only one collective from South America, but Team Team performed pretty well during the tournament.  Yes, the collective got the 5-6 position out of 8 possible ones, but their game made it clear that the roster had potential and worthy games with Keen Gaming and Gambit eSports only prove our words. As a result: the collective is still far from  European or Chinese levels, but if it isn't dissolved, they will get to the next Minor, as there is no worthy opponent in North America for them.

Teams that performed correspondingly to their level:

Gambit eSports

Review of The Bucharest Minor 2019. Photo 5

Fng and the team were considered to be one of the favorites of the competition, as the collective has already visited a Major tournament in this season and several days before  The Bucharest Minor 2019 Fng and Immersion joined the team. This duet is an improvement for the team and the proof is their win at WePlay! Dota 2 Winter Madness. As a result, the guys performed well at the previous minor and lost only against EHOME at the grand final, but didn’t look worse than the Chinese. It appears that the recent changes in the roster influenced their game and the guys didn’t have enough time to achieve teamwork, as the winners’ final and the grand final were lost due to their stupid mistakes.


Review of The Bucharest Minor 2019. Photo 6

EHOME are believed to have proved their status. Bookmakers evaluated their win at the championship as the smallest coefficient and expectations about EHOME got fulfilled. The collective showed themselves well at the group stage as well as at the playoff and the players are going to The Chongqing Major. Picks of the Chinese team and the level of performance make us think that at the upcoming major tournament they will not repeat Tigers’ way. By the way, during the competition xiao8’s fosterlings lost only one map which happened at the Grand Final.


The guys from BOOM ID happened just not to be ready for the competition: the roster used characters as Lina, Mirana and Phantom Lancer, that at the moment are not meta characters. That would be OK if the picks with these characters didn’t bring good results. BOOM ID won two games out of four using unpopular characters in this meta, but their opponents were Playmakers eSports then. Also we can remember the moment when BOOM ID’s friendly unit were breaking the opponents’ throne when the players were fighting at the unit fountain and wrote “GG” a few seconds before the throne of the opponents seized. It says that the roster isn’t ready to play at such a level but the taken map from Team Team and the win over Playmakers eSports has optimistic hopes about the team’s future.

Playmakers eSports

Review of The Bucharest Minor 2019. Photo 7

Everybody supposed that Playmakers eSports had a little chance to show their best side, but, as we know, hope is a hard habit to break. And he hope was broken as soon as the group stage finished when the teams showed an awful level of performance and misunderstanding. We could say that the positive moments were only drafts that were rather meta. As a result, the roster didn’t play any map during the competition and never gave a battle to the opponents.

Interesting facts: