Review of OGA Dota PIT Minor 2019

The fourth minor in this season, OGA Dota PIT Minor 2019, has already finished. Now we are going to sum it up highlighting the most interesting moments of the championship in Croatia.

Eight teams took part in the championship and only the guys from NiP gained a slot to MDL Disneyland® Paris Major winning over EHOME at the grand final by the score of 3:2.

Disappointing teams

Royal Never Give Up, Gambit Esports

Review of OGA Dota PIT Minor 2019. Photo 1

Royal Never Give Up and Gambit Esports looked like teams that would achieve a lot at the championship in Croatia. It was proved not only by the expectations of the fans and analytics, but by the coefficients of bookmakers, however, something went wrong.

As it had been expected, Royal Never Give Up finished the group stage without any losses but at the playoff stage the roster started to play completely differently: Monet and the team lost against Forward Gaming and Majestic Esports and due to that they left the competition. It is not the result the Chinese team was going to the championship for.

Meanwhile, Gambit Esports were supposed to be one of the favorites and they were expected to be among best 3. At the group stage, the roster wasn’t able to win, however, the format of the tournament was blamed on as all the participants got to the upper bracket of the playoff. At the next stage it was apparent that the roster had difficulties and their bad performance at the group was provoked not by the format, but bad preparation of the team for the tournament. In the end, Fng and the team got the 7-8 position that is a failure for the second team in the CIS.

Teams that performed predictably

Alliance, NiP, Forward Gaming, BOOM ID

Review of OGA Dota PIT Minor 2019. Photo 2

All the mentioned team showed the result that had been expected. Alliance and NiP made it to three best while Forward Gaming and BOOM ID managed to cause a lot of harm to stronger teams, however, they couldn’t reach higher than the 5-6 position.

Surprising teams

EHOME, Majestic Esports

Review of OGA Dota PIT Minor 2019. Photo 3

The roster of EHOME was rather strong initially, but after several changes, it didn’t look so dangerous. XinQ and Ferrari_430 joined the team a couple of weeks before the start of the minor and Faith_bian couldn’t go to the tournament and got substituted by the coach. Nobody expected the team to get to Four Best and they managed to make it to the grand final that they finished with a loss by the score of 2:3.

The team Majestic Esports went to the event as a clear outsiders as few people expected the team from South America to have a good game, especially if we take into account the fact that they were gathered before the start of the open elimination round to the event.

Having come to the competition, Chris Brown and the team showed that they have their own view on the game and made it to the fourth position by the results of the tournament leaving  Royal Never Give Up and BOOM ID behind during the competition. The performance of the Peruvian team showed that now they are not weaker than European rosters but that they do have a potential.