The first two participants left ESL One Mumbai 2019

Team Signify fought TNC Predator for getting to the next round and lost with a score 0-2, while compLexity Gaming managed to win one map against The Pango.

An interesting fact: the teams to be eliminated from the competition first have performed the worst at the group stage, having finished their participation in the 4th place with a score 0-2.

In such a way, the following pairs of the lower bracket were determined. The Pango advanced further where they are waited by Keen Gaming and TNC Predator will face in the battle with TEAM TEAM.


ESL One Mumbai 2019 will take place in Mumbai, India on April 16-21. The general prize pool amounts $300,000. compLexity Gaming and Team Signify who had left the competition first have earned consolation prizes in the sum of $7,500. The next teams, which finish their participation in the tournament, will become the owners of a prize in the sum of $12,500.