TNC Predator Dota 2 team

Actual performance statistics of teams is always necessary for fans of betting in the discipline Dota 2. Matches between certain teams are carried out very easily but sometimes they are principle. Knowing all the performance statistics, the possibility of the favorite team TNC Predator to succeed can be determined more precisely.

Performance statistics of TNC Predator:

The number of victories in the last 5 matches: 3 (60%).

The number of matches, which were played by TNC Predator in the past 3 months - 23. Also, the number of won matches - 11, which amounted 48%.
The number of matches, which were played by TNC Predator in the past year - 80. Also, the number of won matches - 40, which amounted 50%.

TNC Predator will face the team Coming soon in the next match. This match will be hosted at the tournament Coming soon. The date of the match: Coming soon.

The team TNC Predator played its previous match at the esports tournament Asia Pacific Predator League 2022 on 12.11.2022. The team Execration was an opponent in the match.

The team Execration won that match with a score of 0:1.

The ratio of 3 victory(victories) (60%) in the last 5 matches can’t allow us to evaluate the current gaming state of the team TNC Predator objectively.

TNC Predator is a Filipino multigaming organization that is known thanks to its Dota 2 roster. This is going to be our topic of the material below.

First Appearance

The esports community spotted TNC Predator in 2013. Then the team was called TNC Pro Team, and its roster was made up by:

· Elesihihi

· Primo

· vonjour

· eron

· Tushey

Then the club did not have a reputation of a stable club, so the roster changed pretty often. In the year of TNC’s foundation, the players appeared at several local tournaments which showed quite a good result.

The most successful performance in 2013 was fourth place at a minor local tournament called GMPGL Philippines (Season 1 March) which brought the players a monetary reward of 25 dollars. After that the team disappeared from radars for a year to come back in 2015.

First Attempts on the Way to the Top

In 2015, TNC started to take part in more prestigious tournaments. The team played at GEST Sea Cup, Mineski Pro-Gaming League and other local championships.

Also, in 2015, the team tried themselves at the qualifiers for The International 2015, however, they were unable to make it higher than the fourth place. Be that as it may, it did not stop TNC.

After the qualifiers for The International, the team continues taking part in various tournaments. TNC took third place at SEA Dragon Battle Season 2, third place at South East Asia Dota 2 Championship, 3rd-4th place at BTS Southeast Asia #1.

In October 2015, they were literally one map away to pass the qualifiers for World Cyber Arena 2015.

In the same month, TNC was unable to make it to The Frankfurt Major 2015 and The Summit 4.

But TNC got lucky a bit later. A month after their lost chance to enter the qualifiers for the mentioned tournaments, TNC became the winner of Sea Dragon Battle Season 3.

At the end of 2015, TNC finished 5th-8th at World Cyber Arena 2015.

Makeover Period

In 2016, the management of the club announced the start for changing the roster. TNC was represented by the following players at the qualifiers for The Shanghai Major 2016:

· Raven

· Teehee

· sam_H

· eyyou

· xLucky

Unfortunately, the changes did not help the Filipinos to get qualified for the first Major tournament in the history of the organization. But the players were not going to give up.

In February 2016, TNC became the champions of BTS Southeast Asia #3 which gave a start to their participation in all possible tournaments.

In March, the team took second place at the qualifiers for WePlay! Dota 2 League Season 3, ESL One Manila Philippine Qualifier. The same month brought the players third place at the qualifiers for EPICENTER: Southeast Asian Qualifiers, after that the roster got to Top-3 at SEA Kappa Invitational Season 1.

In April 2016, TNC finished thirst at BTS Southeast Asia #4, after that the gamers stopped one step away from getting to The Manila Major 2016. Nevertheless, in 2016 TNC managed to make it to The International 2016. By the way, Teehee was substituted by DeMoN then, xLucky’s slot was taken by Kuku. That roster helped TNC to take 5th-8th place at The International.

After TI, the roster went through changes in the team. The renewed lineup was the following:

· Raven

· Kuku

· Sam_H

· Tims

· ryOyr

That was the roster that represented TNC in 2017.

Stable Period

In January 2017, TNC won World Electronic Sports Games 2016, after that the gamers won the qualifiers for StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 3 SEA Qualifier.

At the very StarLadder, the team finished 3rd-4th.

In March 2017, TNC qualified for The Kiev Major 2017, and in April the players took 9th-16th place there.

In May 2017, the team took second place at StarLadder i-League Invitational Season 2 and third place at Galaxy Battles.

Before the qualifying stage of The International, the team dismissed ryOyr. The slot of the player was taken by 1437.

TNC together with the new player managed to make it to The International 2017 and take 9th-12th place.

The end of the season was also pretty good for TNC. The team won China Top 2017 in November 2017 and finished second at MDL Macau в декабре.

In January 2018, TNC rebranded the roster and then they changed their name into TNC Predator. Approximately at that time 1437 left the team, and his slot was taken by Armel. This was the roster for TNC till September 2018.

They finished 5th-6th at Galaxy Battles II: Emerging Worlds, 9th-12th at ESl One Genting 2018, 5th-8th at The Bucharest Major, fourth at Dota 2 Asia Championship 2018.

Before The International 2018, the team had taken 7th-8th place at MDL Changsha Major and China Dota2 Supermajor.

However, at The International the team was unable to reach any place higher than 13-16.

After the failure at TI8, the team lost Raven and Sam_H, and their slots were given to ninjaboogie and Gabbi. The renewed roster of TNC took second place at Asia Pro League Season 1 and won World Electronic Sports Games 2018 Philippine Finals.

In November 2018, the team got placed 5th-6th place at The Kuala Lumpur Major. In the same month Kuku left the team due to his personal reason and his slot was taken by ryOyr. At the end of the year, TNC won World Electronic Games 2018 Southeast Asia Finals.


After 9th-12th place at The Chongqing Major, kuku returned to the roster of TNC. One month later, the team dismissed ninjaboogie, and his slot was given to eyyou.

TNC’s new roster won Asia Pacific Predator League 2019 and World Electronic Sports Games 2018. In April the team finished fourth at ESL One Mumbai 2019.

In June 2019, TNC finished fourth at EPICENTER Major 2019. At TI 2019, TNC showed rough gaming which resulted in 9th-12th place for the team. After that место. Kuku and eyyou left the team, and their slots were taken by kpii and March. Then TNC finished the year on a high note: the players won World Electronic Sports Games 2019 Philippines Finals, ESL One Hamburg 2019, World Electronic Sports Games 2019 Southeast Asia Finals and MDL Chengdu Major.

At the beginning of 2020, TNC took 7th-8th place at the last offline Major DreamLeague Season 13. After that the team did not perform at championships so actively.

In April 2020, the team took second place at BTS Pro Series: Southeast Asia, in May the players finished fifth at ESL One Birmingham 2020 – Online: Southeast Asia. Later the gamers faced a row of not pretty successful performances at minor tournaments that was followed by a victory at ESL One Thailand 2020: Asia.

In September, March left the team and Febby became a member of the organization instead of him. TNC’s renewed roster won BTS Pro Series Season 4: Southeast Asia.

Organization and Awards

The manager of the Dota 2 roster is Arjay Domdom. TNC Predator collaborated with such brands like Acer Predator, GeForce Esports, VKGAME, BIG FOUR Global Technologies, Ground Zero.

Since the foundation, the Dota 2 subdivision has earned over $4,500,000 for the organization.

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