OMEGA League: Europe Immortal Division will host 3 matches today

The second game day of OM EG A League: Europe Immortal Division promises to be very eventful. Nigma, EG and NiP will play their first matches, while Alliance, 5men and will play their second matches.

The first match will be a confrontation between NiP and The team yesterday lacked one card to defeat OG and now the team has one defeat.

The equator of the day will be the confrontation between EG and 5men. The Misery team beat Na'Vi yesterday, and today they will play against RAMZES666 and gpK.

The game day will end with the European derby. Nigma with a replacement in the form of rmN- will fight with the extremely confident Alliance, who defeated VP yesterday.

Matches will start at 15:00 Moscow time. We will keep you updated.