Epic Esports Events will show the entire DPC season 2021/2022 in the CIS

Following DreamHack and ESL, Epic Esports Events got their role in DPC 2021/2022. The company will organize three DPC-cycles in the CIS.

The first race of the year starts on November 29th. 16 teams take part in the race: 8 each in two divisions and $ 280,000 in total prize money.

Members of the top division in the CIS

Members of the lower division in the CIS

In the lower division in the CIS, 3 teams from the qualifiers will play, instead of the usual two. This decision was made by the organizers in connection with the refusal of EXTREMUM to participate in the first DPC cycle due to problems with the roster.

The first DPC-cycle in the CIS starts on November 29 and will last until January 23. RuHub studio will be engaged in broadcasting and commenting of all games.