INF.UESPORTS & Thunder Predator Takes Leadership in BTS Pro Series Season 9: Americas Group Stage

The group stage for BTS Pro Series Season 9 in America continues. Yesterday we witnessed another portion of matches and are ready to tell you about the results of the past matches.

BTS Pro Series Season 9: Americas Group Stage Day 2 Results

The second day of battles in the group stage was opened by D2 Hustlers and Arkosh Gaming. The teams failed to identify the strongest in the match and brought the fight down to 1-1.

The central match was played by Thunder Predator and 4 Zoomers. The updated roster of "predators" outplayed the North Americans from 4 Zoomers - 2-0 in favor of Thunder Predator not without problems.

INF.UESPORTS and simply TOOBASED met in the last match of the day. Peruvians from INF.UESPORTS were expected to be stronger and closed the meeting 2-0.

The battles at BTS Pro Series Season 9: Americas continue today. INF.UESPORTS and Arkosh Gaming will open the third gaming day.


BTS Pro Series Season 9: Americas kicked off on October 29 and runs until November 14. At the tournament, 9 teams will fight for $ 40,000 and the title of champion.