Thunder Predator wins BTS Pro Series Season 9 Americas

The American division BTS Pro Series Season 9 has come to an end. In the final duel, teams such as Thunder Predator and 4 Zoomers met each other. The last battle turned out to be incomplete and took place on only four maps out of five possible.

The first map passed completely under the banner of 4 Zoomers. The 4Z players took the initiative and pressed their opponents throughout the game. The focus was on Chaos Knight and Enchantress. Costabile played on Chaos Knight with a score of 17-3-20, while Gunnar did not let his opponents down, ending his fight on the map with a score of 15-1-22. The map ended with a score of 51-14 in favor of 4 Zoomers in 38 minutes and the teams went to the second map.

There, the representatives of Thunder Predator remembered how to play Dota 2. They completely changed their approach to character selection and this time they chose not Medusa, but Sven. The bet played and the team quickly pushed its rivals through. The meeting was more passive and, unlike the first map, ended with a score of 23-15, although it turned out to be only 7 minutes faster.

Having reduced the game to a draw, Thunder Predator continued to show the master class on the second map. There, they made a similar pick using Rubick, but now Morphling and Queen of Pain were bringing down the power on the enemies. Angel and Dark Mago, who played the above heroes, respectively, coped with their task very well and finished this meeting with a score of 30-11 in 30 minutes. Angel's individual statistics on the third map were impressive - 13-0-4. Dark Mago also played great and finished 7-1-13. On high morale, the team went to complete what they had begun on the fourth map.

The fourth map was different from everything that was shown by the players from Thunder Predator. Here Ursa and Batrider appeared, on which Angel and Dark Mago played. The reason for this was the lesson learned by the players from 4 Zoomers and they banned Morphling, from which they were defeated in the last map. Angel finished the fight 16-2-8, while Dark Mago's result was 10-5-14. The pressure on this map was held back by the 4Z players a little longer than in the other maps - 4 Zoomers lasted 35 minutes.

This result allowed Thunder Predator to take first place in the event and receive the main prize of $ 16,000. The 4 Zoomers who won the silver medal received the second largest prize of $ 9,200. Lava is on the third line. They received $ 5,300.

Results of BTS Pro Series Season 9 Americas

BTS Pro Series Season 9 Americas ran from October 29 to November 14. The total prize pool of the tournament in North America was $ 40,000. All teams took part in the event, having received direct invitations from the organizers.

Earlier, a similar tournament in Southeast Asia came to an end. There, from October 29 to November 14, nine teams competed for $ 60,000. BOOM Esports beat Polaris Esports in the final, not losing a single map in the final battle, and earned $ 24,000.