BTS Pro Series Season 9 Americas: D2 Hustlers Complete Tournament Path

Another gaming day at BTS Pro Series Season 9 is over. This time, luck was not favorable to D2 Hustlers and Hokori. The teams could not beat their opponents and took 5-6 place in the standings.


On the first map, Phantom Assassin was chosen as the main lethal force. INF.UESPORTS 'Kerry played more than well on it and finished the fight 23-0-2. The battle ended with a score of 31-10 in 32 minutes in favor of INF.UESPORTS and the teams moved to the second map. There, they somewhat modified their strategy of fighting and this time relied on the power of not one, but two heroes. Juggernaut and Dark Willow helped the team finish the battle on the second map in 31 minutes in their favor and put an end not only to this confrontation, but also to Hokori's performance.

Lava vs D2 Hustlers

This fight was more intense than the previous one and was able to present the audience with a full-fledged Bo3 with three played cards. In the first of these, Lava, through the choice of Clinkz and Windranger, were able to quickly take the initiative and demolished their rivals' throne in 33 minutes. D2 Hustlers, of course, did not like this course of events and the players rushed to rectify the situation in the second map. The bet was placed on Ember Spirit and Anti-Mage and the risk was justified. 1437 and his teammates drew the game and were ready to fight to reach the third round of the lower bracket. The teams moved to the third map, and although the meeting did not take place with a very large margin, it still ended not in favor of D2 Hustlers. Lava took Terrorblade and Windranger and beat their opponents, knocking them out of the competition, and advanced to the next round of the lower bracket.

The losers today Hokori and D2 Hustlers took 5-6 place in the standings and received modest financial rewards of $ 1,750 for their efforts. Let us remind you that Simply TOOBASED and Black N Yellow finished their way in the tournament earlier, while Arkosh Gaming could not overcome the group stage at all.

The victors of the past matches, INF.UESPORTS and Lava, will now fight each other for reaching the final of the lower bracket. The winner of the INF.UESPORTS vs Lava match will be destined to face the losing competitor of the Upper Bracket Final (4 Zoomers vs Thunder Predator). The winner, in turn, will advance to the grand final and enter the top 2 participants in the event.

BTS Pro Series Season 9 Americas Current Standings


The BTS Pro Series Season 9 Americas tournament began on October 29th and will end the day after tomorrow. The total prize pool of the championship is $ 40,000. The winner will take home $ 16,000, while the silver and bronze medalists will receive awards of $ 9,200 and $ 5,300, respectively. 4 participants remained in the fight for the main prize: 4 Zoomers, Thunder Predator, INF.UESPORTS and Lava.