BTS Pro Series Season 9 Americas: Arkosh Gaming Completes Their Championship Path

According to the results of the last tenth gaming day, Arkosh Gaming have already finished their way in the tournament. The players from this team did not manage to win in any of the matches that took place today. In the second and third confrontations, they fought against Hokori and Lava. In the battle with Hokori, the team was defeated quite quickly, namely in 24 and 22 minutes, respectively. The match against Lava was the same in duration. The first map ended in 23 minutes, and the second in 22. It is noteworthy that in both matches all teams played with substitutions. As part of Arkosh Gaming, monkeys-forever replaced Cerberus, while Aui_2000 appeared in the ranks of Lava instead of Crow, and NaoG and Jeimari played under the Hokori tag instead of RdO and 4nalog.

In other confrontations, INF.UESPORTS emerged victorious against D2 Hustlers, while Thunder Predator failed to defeat Lava. D2 Hustlers lost their chance to reach the upper bracket of the playoffs because of this result, while Lava earned the opportunity to avoid the lower bracket with two victories. He and Hokori share the fourth spot in the group stage. Tomorrow's game day will show which of them will go where.

There are 3 more matches ahead of us in the group stage. In the first one, INF.UESPORTS will fight Black N Yellow, in the second, 4 Zoomers will come face to face with Lava, and in the third, the same Lavas will fight Simply TOOBASED.

The current position of the teams in the group stage table

As part of the ninth game day, we will be able to look at the following confrontations:


BTS Pro Series Season 9 Americas kicked off on October 29th and will end on November 14th. The total prize pool of the championship is $ 40,000. The winner will take home $ 16,000, while the silver and bronze medalists will receive awards of $ 9,200 and $ 5,300, respectively.