Daxak and SoNNeikO's new mix made it to the D2CL Season 5 group stage

The open qualifier for the fifth season of the Dota 2 Champions League ended yesterday. 90 teams from the CIS and Europe fought for the only ticket to the group stage of the tournament.

The strongest in the difficult qualifiers was the NoMarci team, which turned out to be a new mix of Daxak and SoNNeiKo. In the final of the qualifiers, NoMarci defeated BlasterbI, which includes “Desperate-”, who previously played for PuckChamp, and “Pantomem,” who played for Winstrike Team.

NoMarci Roster

NoMarci joins six previously invited bands. The SoNNeikO team in the group stage will include Creepwave, V Gaming, Brame, PuckChamp, Khan and Nemiga Gaming.

In the fifth season of D2CL, 10 teams from Europe and the CIS will compete against each other for $ 50,000. In the group stage, the teams will play in a round-robin system with bo3 matches, after which the double-elimination bracket of the playoffs with bo3 matches starts. The decisive confrontation for the title of champion of the fifth season of the Dota 2 Champions League will be held in a bo5 format.