Nigma Galaxy SEA and Motivate.Trust Gaming win first victories at BTS Pro Series S9

A couple of minutes ago, the second map ended in the match between Army Geniuses and Yangon Galacticos, the game ended with a victory for YG, but in the duel there was a 1: 1 draw on maps.

Nigma Galaxy SEA defeated OB Esports x Neon today, and Motivate.Trust Gaming dealt with the same Yangon Galacticos. As mentioned earlier, Army Geniuses ended up in a peaceful draw with the Yangon Galacticos.

First place is shared by Nigma Galaxy SEA and Motivate.Trust Gaming, and OB Esports x Neon is in 5th place with 1 defeat.

Tomorrow we will have the following matches (all fights will be in BO2 format):

BOOM Esports vs OB Esports x Neon Nigma Galaxy SEA vs Execration Polaris vs. Army Geniuses

The BTS Pro Series Season 9 SEA Championship runs from October 29 to November 14. 9 teams compete for a prize pool of $ 60,000.