BTS Pro Series Season 9 SEA: BOOM Esports and Motivate.Trust will fight to reach the grand finals

The first matches of the upper bracket of the playoffs within the ongoing BTS Pro Series Season 9 SEA have come to an end. The second game day featured teams such as BOOM Esports, Nigma Galaxy SEA, Motivate.Trust Gaming and Yangon Galacticos.

In the first of the matches, BOOM Esports and Nigma Galaxy SEA fought against each other. The first map became more or less intriguing and ended with a victory in favor of BOOM Esports in 34 minutes. There they chose to rely on the powers of Medusa and Queen of Pain. The bet was played and the teams went to the second map. There, the battle went even faster and ended in 27 minutes in favor of BOOM, although the winners made a completely different choice of heroes. It is noteworthy that the famous Malaysian Mushi performed together with the players from BOOM Esports. He temporarily took the place of Hyde, who was unable to attend this match and, as could be seen, this did not interfere with the team at all. After this meeting, Nigma Galaxy SEA are forced to continue their way in the lower bracket.

In the second match of the day, Motivate.Trust Gaming and Yangon Galacticos fought. The teams fought a relatively quick battle on the first map and finished the battle there in 33 minutes. Initially, Motivate.Trust Gaming triumphed and relied on the power of Medusa and Ember Spirit. In the second map, they completely changed their pick, which played a cruel joke with them. The Yangon Galacticos, with Queen of Pain and Monkey King as their main striking force, slayed their opponents in 46 minutes. The meeting on the second map turned out to be difficult and long, but as a result, Yangon Galacticos were able to draw the game and play for the right to reach the final of the upper bracket. On the third map, Motivate.Trust Gaming returned to what worked for them earlier and chose Medusa and it paid off. Kerry rocked the character so well that JaCkky ended up 11-0-11 on Medusa, which is definitely commendable. Thanks to this, Motivate.Trust Gaming reached the final of the Upper Bracket, where they will face BOOM Esports. Yangon Galacticos, who got the opportunity to fight for reaching the final of the upper bracket after taking the second map, lost their chance and went down to the lower bracket.

Now, in the losers' bracket, Nigma Galaxy SEA will have to play with OB.Neon, while Yangon Galacticos will compete against Polaris Esports. The confrontations will take place tomorrow. After these matches, we will be able to find out the names of two more teams that will leave BTS Pro Series Season 9 SEA.

Recall that the first trio to leave the tournament were Omega Esports, Army Geniuses and Execration. Omega Esports became the first participants to become spectators. The team was the only one that did not manage to overcome the group stage. Execration and Army Geniuses, in turn, were able to get to the final stage, but were unable to overcome their first obstacles. Execration were defeated against OB.Neon with a score of 1-2, and Army Geniuses did not take a single card in the match against Polaris Esports. BOOM Esports and Motivate.Trust Gaming, in turn, guaranteed themselves a place in the top 3. The bronze medalist will receive a reward of $ 7,900, and the silver medalist will receive $ 13,800.

BTS Pro Series Season 9 SEA Interim Results


BTS Pro Series Season 9 SEA kicked off on October 29 and ends on November 14. The championship is held online. The 6 remaining participants compete for the main prize of $ 24,000. 3 out of 9 have already completed their way in the tournament. All teams received direct invitations.

Photo: WePlay Esports