BTS Pro Series Season 9 SEA: Nigma Galaxy SEA breaks into the Playoffs Upper Bracket

The BTS Pro Series Season 9 SEA group stage has come to an end. This means that the final list of participants in the final stage has been formed.

In the first match, BOOM Esports dealt with Polaris Esports with a score of 2-0 without any problems. In the second and third confrontations, Motivate.Trust Gaming drew with OB.Neon and Nigma Galaxy SEA.

Due to the fact that OB.Neon could not prevail in the fight against Motivate.Trust Gaming, and Nigma Galaxy SEA drew, the latter managed to overtake OB.Neon and break out in the top 4, which allowed the team to go to the upper bracket of the playoffs. The team will join BOOM Esports, Motivate.Trust Gaming and Yangon Galacticos, who were previously included in the list of participants in the upper bracket.

Such teams as OB.Neon, Polaris Esports, Army Geniuses and Execration will take their start in the lower bracket. Omega Esports took the last place in the standings and finished their way in the tournament before reaching the final stage.

Along with this, we now know how the participants were seeded in the playoffs. The organizers did not reinvent the wheel and followed the proven path: the strongest with the weakest. BOOM Esports, who performed the best in the group stage, will come face to face with Nigma Galaxy SEA, who squeezed into the top 4 with great difficulty. In the lower bracket, OB.Neon, the best in their category, will compete against Execration, who were by a hair's breadth from relegation from the championship. Motivate.Trust and Yangon Galacticos will fight each other in the upper bracket, while Polaris and AG in the lower one.

The next match is scheduled for November 10th. Within the framework of this day, confrontations with the participation of teams from the lower bracket will take place. On November 11, the Top-4 teams will fight to reach the final of the upper bracket.


BTS Pro Series Season 9 SEA kicked off on October 29 and ends on November 14. The total prize pool of the championship is $ 60,000. The winner will take home $ 24,000, while the silver medalist will receive the second largest prize of $ 13,800. The third-place team in the leaderboard will earn $ 7,900. The championship is held online.