Team Spirit To Hold Press Conference To Win The International 10

On October 17, 2021, Team Spirit became the champions of The International 10. Such a significant event attracted the attention of tens of thousands of Dota fans and not only - non-core media and media personalities are interested in the CIS team.

In order to answer all questions and once again talk about the victory at The International 10, Team Spirit will hold a special press conference on October 21. The entire championship team will take part in it: “Miposhka”, “Yatoro”, “TORONTOTOKYO”, “Collapse” and “Mira”, coach “Silent” as well as managers of the team “Korb3n”, “DKLana” and CEO of Team Spirit “Cheshir”...

The event will be broadcast on the dragons' social networks. The press conference will be hosted by instamityay, helping NS with its TI 10 broadcast, as well as contributing to the creation of various shows and events.