TI10: Team Secret Swept OG and Sent It to the Lower Bracket

Team Secret quite unexpectedly defeated OG and advanced to the second round of the upper bracket of the playoffs of The International 10, where iG is already waiting for them. By the way, OG falls into the lower bracket to the winner of the Quincy Crew and Team Aster pair.

Team Secret and iG have already guaranteed themselves at least top 5-6. The first map in the game between OG and Team Secret was intense, the Secret used a cool strategy with Earthshaker + Morphling with Ember Spirit, Ancient Apparation and Monkey King on the four.

On the second map, Team Secret took Tinker for themselves, to which they received a response from Hoodwink, who did nothing in the game at all.

The playoffs continue, there are 4 matches in the lower bracket, which will be held in the best of 1 format. Fnatic vs. Undying will start soon - the forecast for this match!