Matches on 16 January at IEM Katowice 2019 (CIS, Europe Minors)

CIS Minor Championship — Katowice 2019

Today is the first gaming day of the CIS Minor, which will bring four matches to viewers:

Gambit Esports vs Syman — 12:00 (UTC +3)
Nemiga vs Team Spirit — 12:00 (UTC +3)
AVANGAR vs pro100 — 13:10 (UTC +3)
Runtime vs Winstrike — 13:10 (UTC +3)

You will have to choose what you want to watch more due to the matches will be hosted at the same time.

Europe Minor Championship — Katowice 2019

The situation with the European Minor is similar to the tournament in the CIS division. Two matches will be run at the same time. The following matches will be played today:

Team Vitality vs OpTic Gaming — 18:05 (UTC+3)
mousesports vs Valiance — 18:05 (UTC+3)
North vs Windigo Gaming — 19:15 (UTC+3)
ex-Space Soldiers vs ENCE eSports — 19:15 (UTC+3)