Team Vitality advanced to the main stage of IEM Katowice Major 2019

The match can’t be called another match between the participants of the Major tournament because the match was equal.

Vici Gaming removed de_cache and de_dust2 at the pick-and-ban stage, while Vitality preferred to bad de_train and de_mirage. As a result, ViCi picked de_inferno and Vitality picked de_nuke. De_overpass was left for last but it’s time didn’t come.

On de_inferno, Vici Gaming made a good pressure on the French at the beginning of the match and was leading with a score 7-0, however, then Vitality managed to oppose the pressure and started making a comeback. As a result, the teams brought the match to overtime and played a lot of additional rounds. In the end, the Chinese were crushed and lost with a score 22-25.

The match was equal enough on de_nuke too but when the score as 12-12, Vitality was initiative enough to finish what they had begun. De_nuke was finished with a score 16-12 in the favor of Vitality and the French became one more known participant of The New Legends Stage, with which we congratulate them!

We will see two more matches ahead. TYLOO will face AVANGAR and ENCE will also play against Winstrike.