NRG Esports and North made it to ECS Season 7 Finals

North and Team Vitality advanced to the final of Esports Championship Series Season 7 Europe Week 2 where the Danes won with a score 2-1. CadiaN and his team have also defeated and AVANGAR on their way.

With regard to the North American division, NRG Esports beat Spacestation and INTZ eSports with a score 2-0 on its way, after which defeated FURIA Esports with a score 2-1 in the final.

NRG Esports and North have earned the 3rd and 4th invite to the LAN final, which will take place in London on June 6-9. It's worth to remind that the prize pool of Esports Championship Series Season 7 Finals will amount $500,000 and 8 teams will take part in its distribution. One invitation will be up for grab each each of three weeks. On the outcome of five weeks, one more participant will be determine, which will go to the final to defend the honor of its region and to earn money.