Spring Sweet Spring # 2: OG are heading towards the grand finale

The second quarter-final of Spring Sweet Spring # 2 has come to an end. The meeting was held by OG and 1WIN.

The European five turned out to be stronger than their CIS counterparts. OG beat 1WIN on Mirage 16-11 and finished off Dust II 16-9.

OG follows Entropiq to the Spring Sweet Spring # 2 semi-finals, where they will await the winner of the fnatic/Fiend pair. 1WIN, on the other hand, ends their performance on 5-8 lines.


Spring Sweet Spring # 2 started on May 10 and will run until June 2. At the championship, 44 teams from Europe and the CIS will compete for $ 100,000 and a ticket to LAN Sweet LAN, which will take place in February 2022.