Spring Sweet Spring # 2: OG in the final!

The semi-final duel between OG and Fiend came to an end. The teams played only two maps. On Mirage, OG prevailed with a result of 16-11, while on Inferno they lost only 9 rounds to their rivals. It didn't come to Overpass.

Fiend finished their way in the championship and took 3-4 place in the standings. For their achievements in the championship, the team received a reward of $ 7,000 ($ 3,000 for the regional group stage + $ 3,000 for the Swiss stage + $ 1,000 for winning the first round of the playoffs).

The cash distribution for Spring Sweet Spring has remained as unusual as in the other tournaments in the Sweet series. Prizes will be awarded only to teams that have shown good results in the Swiss stages, and the main reward of $ 40,000 will go to the winner.

OG reached the grand final and will compete there with the winner of the Entropiq vs BIG match. The latter will begin their duel very soon.


Spring Sweet Spring # 2 started on May 10 and ends today. The total prize pool of the championship is $ 100,000.