BLAST Pro Series Madrid 2019

General information

The third championship of BLAST Pro Series in 2019 will be held in Madrid, Spain. The prize pool of the tournament will consist of $250,000, and it's division will be done by six teams that got invited directly by the organizers of the championship. All the events of BLAST Pro Series Madrid 2019 will be taking place from 10 till 11 May.

Prize pool

The main prize pool will be divided between the teams as at the previous tournaments:

Place Prize
1st $125,000
2nd $50,000
3rd $25,000
4th $15,000
5th $10,000
6th $5,000

Holding format

The holding format of BLAST Pro Series Miami 2019 will not be different from the previous ones. The teams will start to oppose each other at the group stage and after that two best participants will get to the grand final where they will be fighting for the biggest part of the prize money. The two other (according to the organizers) will be playing at BLAST Pro Standoff. The teams that will not get to the grand final or BLAST Pro Standoff, will complete their participation in the tournament and will continue being present there but only as spectators.

As for BLAST Pro Standoff, there representatives of two collectives will be fighting with each other with different weapons and maps. Esportsmen will define who is the best at such guns as M4A1/M4A1-S, Desert Eagle, AK47, CZ75, AWP. The format of the duels has also been changed. The player that will be the first to achieve seven kills will become the winner. The team that will gain at least three wins at the duels will get a money bonus of $20,000 for their efforts at the tournament and BLAST Pro Standoff in particular.