The list of talents for DreamLeague Season 8 was announced

Organizers of the next Dota 2 Major tournament have published the list of casters that will observe the tournament.

Alan «Nahaz» Bester will be the main host. Jake «SirActionSlacks» Kanner will be the second host. Such persons as Owen «ODPixel» Davies, Ioannis «Fogged» Loucas, Toby «TobyWan» Dawson and William «Blitz» Lee will comment matches.

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The final stage will be carried out on December 1-3. 8 participants will be directly put in the playoffs, where they will play in a double elimination bracket. All matches will be run in a bo3 format and the grand final will be played in a bo5 format.

The tournament will be observed on the following Twitch channels: