KheZu left MidOrFeed

One of the MidOrFeed players, Maurice «KheZu» Gutmann announced that had left the team.

As for the main reason, Maurice called the absence of confidence among members of the team. Initially, everything went good, however, players stopped showing their maximum and started quarreling after a row of failures.

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The comment of KheZu:

«I intend to focus on myself and freshen my mind. I'll be streaming more and just looking after and caring for myself. I strongly believe that it will be beneficial for me to have some time where I don't have to care about things beyond myself. Free my mind and relax. I will still be looking to play competitive, whether it be in a few weeks or 2-3 months.

I will still strongly consider any options that are presented to me. I'm personally more motivated than ever to make it and prove my worthiness.

Don't see this the wrong way. I didn't lose motivation to win, I lost motivation and faith within this team. In my mind, this is what I need to do to get better and move on, stronger than before.»

MidOrFeed assembled the roster on August 29. The team could not prepare well for any tournament in three months.

Now, the MidOrFeed roster looks as follows:

Enzo «Timado» Gianoli
Mihai «canceL^^» Antoni
Aliwi «w33» Omar
Troels «syndereN» Nielsen