Our tips for the match Vega Squadron vs. Gambit eSports

The collectives will meet at the qualifier for Dota 2 Asia Championships 2018 in the CIS region. Nevertheless the result of the battle, the teams will not leave the championship but only one of them will get to the lower bracket.

Vega Squadron vs. Gambit eSports

For 5 months Vega Squadron and Gambit eSports have met only three times and the victory was gained by “Sharks”. In 2018 both teams made replacements in their rosters and if for Vega Squadron it appeared to be useful, in Gambit eSports nothing was changed cardinally, chshrct still are thought to be at a moderate level which can’t fight for slots but are ready to spoil favorites’ mood.

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If we look at Gambit’s last three meetings, we can see that they won only at one of them, but the team Nemiga is unknown, but the teams Team Spirit and Team Empire left Gambit with no victory.

After the replacements, Vega Squadron started to play better and they stopped one pace away from the slot for ESL One Katowice 2018 (2 place) and qualified for The Bucharest Major 2018. At their 3 last meetings, “Sharks” won at 2 of them, giving the way to Effect  at the final of eliminations for ESL.

The current shape of the teams shows us that for this meeting Vega Squadron are to end in victory and bookmakers only confirm our conjectures: the coefficient of CemaTheSlayer’s victory is equal to 1.5, while Gambit eSports’ is 2.3.