Virtus.Pro proved to be stronger than Na'Vi in OMEGA League: Europe Immortal Division

The most important match of the OMEGA League: Europe Immortal Division for CIS fans has ended. Virtus.Pro and Na'Vi met in the group stage of the championship. The series ended 2-1 in favor of the bears, though not everything went so smoothly.

The match gave the audience a sea of emotions and bright moments, but at the same time annoyed them. On the 30th minute of the first map, the game client refused to work. After attempts to reconnect, it was decided to replay the map. Such hesitation led to the fact that the series ended several hours later than planned.

At the end of the match, Virtus.Pro has 1-1 in the overall standings, while Na'Vi have 0-2 statistics. Both teams take the last places in the group.