ESL One Thailand 2020 Americas: event dive

On the night of July 10, the first matches of ESL One Thailand 2020: Americas ended. All teams have played their opening matches, and we are ready to show you the results of the meetings.

ESL One Thailand 2020: Americas

On the second game day, beastcoast, Gorillaz-Pride, Quincy Crew and 4 Zoomers played their matches. The Peruvians from bc beat their GP rivals 2-1. In the second match of the day, everything ended on two maps. The YawaR team failed to cope with the Gunnar team. As a result: Quincy Crew 0-2 4 Zoomers.

The second game day starts tomorrow, 11 July. CR4ZY, Infamous, bc and 4z will play their matches. We'll keep you updated on ESL One Thailand 2020: Americas.