Quincy Crew – champions of ESL One Thailand 2020: Americas

On the night of August 31, the matches of the American division ESL One Thailand 2020 ended, the victory was won by the current best club in the region - Quincy Crew. We suggest recalling the team's path to the championship.

The Quincy Crew Championship Path

The victorious march of the collective began in the group stage. The Quincy Crew finished the group with a 6-1 record, placing them in the top playoff bracket.

In the first round of the main stage, YawaR and company stumbled, losing to 4 Zoomers with a score of 0-2. QC's next contender was Infamous.

In the lower bracket, QC first defeated Infamous 2-0, and later took revenge on 4 Zoomers, beating them in a knockout match.

In the grand final, the Quincy Crew faced off against Thunder Predator. It took QC just over an hour and a half to close the 3-0 grand final.

Final distribution of teams

  1. Quincy Crew - $ 28,000
  2. Thunder Predator - $ 14,000
  3. 4 Zoomers - $ 7,000
  4. Infamous - $ 5,000

ESL One Thailand 2020: Americas was held from 8 to 30 August. At the tournament, 8 teams competed for $ 65,000 in total prize money.